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Designer Frames



Eric : All right, everybody. We’re here with Garen Ogani from L-Optique in Beverly Hills. He owns a designer boutique. Optometry location in the heart of Beverly Hills on Beverly drive. And if you’re ever in the area you have to go stop by because they have eyewear, reading glasses, sunglasses, they have all designer frames that you can try on, on location there. They are certified dealers from these brands. And Garen, thanks for joining us.

Garen : Hi Eric.

Eric : So I wanted to talk about in particular, eye care in Beverly Hills, you guys have been there for a while and you service the area for people that are looking to have their eyes examined and then to be fitted for frames to go with that. And you’re a boutique in the Beverly Hills area.

Garen : That’s right.

Eric : And so I wanted to see because it’s difficult sometimes a lot of places either they have independent optometrists on staff, and they just do eye exams, or it’s a location that has just designer frames. It’s an interesting mix that you have both on location.

Garen : Yes, that is the uniqueness of our spot is that we are a boutique, you will find frames that are extremely exclusive in here. But yet we do offer eye exams through independent optometrists to optometrists that work here. And so you get the whole shot.

Eric : And I’m looking on your website, your designers it’s a impressive list of designers that you have from Barton Perreira, Cartier, DITA, ic! berlin, Ogani.

Garen : We work hard on that we want to make sure that we have exclusive collections here. Where we don’t want to carry things that department stores carry, we want our clients or patients to be unique, where their glasses are not worn by multiple people. And therefore we do become authorized with specific brands such as Cartier to DITA. We have ic! berlin, beautiful collection that’s made in Germany. And Sama is also one of my favorite. These are brands that you don’t see everywhere. Because they are extremely exclusive. And it’s hard to get a dealership, but we’ve been fortunate with that. Therefore we have them.

Eric : Yeah that’s something that always concerns me is when I pick up a brand or if I’m online, and there’s somebody and they’re selling a particular brand, I don’t know if it’s a real Cartier or real anything.

Garen : Yeah, you’re absolutely right. And that’s what we’re here for is because you never know what you’re getting online. There are a lot of imitation products out there. And if it’s not original it could also be defective. And so you got to watch out not to waste your money on that.

Eric : And especially the other part of it, where you’re turning over your eyes to someone, you want to make sure that it’s a optometrist, that they know what they’re doing so that you don’t have issues in the future. I know you guys set me up with my frames. And I have an interesting situation because I’m on the computer all the time. So I need glasses that, I can read better on the computer. Then when I’m driving or I’m out or whatever, if I need my glasses, I have different glasses. And so I always tell you this, these glasses that I’m wearing right now, what was it, the blue reflective?

Garen : Yeah, we have the anti-reflective coating on your glasses, and also the blue filter, which is recommended.

Eric : And I always tell you, I feel like I could read from you know, from when I was 18 years old. So I I’m very happy with the service that you folks gave me there. And so if anybody is interested in eye care in Beverly Hills area, L-Optique is the place to go. You could go to their website, it’s And all of their information is there from their social media, to their address to their phone number, all that good stuff. Garen thank you for joining us.

Garen : Thank you for having me, Eric.

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