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Eyeglasses have become more of a fashion statement and designer frames are offering more options to those who wear eyeglasses. Just like a purse, belt or a great pair of earrings, designer frames are becoming a common accessory in many people’s wardrobes. With such a variety of frames available, those who require corrective lenses are able to now see while looking fashionable.

Designer frames come in all shapes and sizes, with hundreds of different brands and options available. Shapes available include aviator, cat eye, classic, modified oval, modified round, navigator, oval, rectangle, round and wrapped. There are also a variety of different geometric shapes available.

Designer frames are also made from a variety of different materials. Some materials used to make these frames include aluminum, carbon, metal, nylon, plastic, rubber, titanium and wood. Some manufacturers use a combination of these materials to create their designer masterpieces. There are also rimless and semi-rimless frames available from many designers.


Styles of Frames

Here is a closer look at the different styles of frames available from different designers.

Full-rimmed frames. Those looking to make a bold statement will want to get full-rimmed frames. These frames have material encompassing the outer rim of the glasses, offering a sturdy and stylish frame. 

Low bridge frames. Those who fight with their frames because of lower nose bridges will love the look and feel of a low bridge frame. Getting this frame will help reduce the need to readjust due to a frame constantly slipping down the nose.

Rimless frames. Those wanting a minimal look will want to get rimless frames. These frames offer a lightweight, modern look without taking away from a person’s facial features. Those choosing rimless frames just need to be careful as they are more fragile with only hinges, nose bridge and temple arms holding the glasses together.

Semi-rimless frames. Those wanting a combination of full-rimmed and rimless will love the look of semi-rimless frames. This hybrid of a frame offers the minimalist look offered by rimless frames, but still have the durability offered by full-rimmed frames.

In addition to having a large selection of frame shapes, designer frames also come in a wide array of colors. This makes it possible to select frames that are bold and artsy or ones that appear chic. It does not matter what a person’s personality type is. Chances are there is a designer who has created a frame that reflects their unique personality and style.


Eyeglass Designers

Just about every major fashion designer has created a line of frames. Most started with a simple sunglass collection, but many have moved into producing designer frames for those needing vision correction. The change to eyeglasses has helped many complete an overall look for their personality or an outfit.

There are many quality designer frames available, making it possible to find the best look and feel. The large variety also makes it possible to find something from a designer that fits into just about any eyeglass budget.


Fashion Statements

The best thing about getting designer glasses is they never go out of style. Each frame is created with superb craftsmanship, offering high quality and durable frames. Some designers have also created bendable frames, which are perfect for those who are active in sports and for kids who have to wear corrective lenses.

In addition to finding frames to fit a person’s personality, it is possible to find frames that are perfect for special occasions. If a person generally loves to make a statement with bold, full-rimmed glasses, they can do so in their day-to-day lives. Then when it’s time to tone things down for a special event, such as a banquet or gala, rimless frames will offer that elegant look. Rimless and semi-rimless frames also work best when working in an office setting.

Those who have to wear eyeglasses are no longer stuck with boring mono-color frames. Thanks to designers, there are many styles of frames available, helping those wearing glasses get the look and feel they desire. No matter what a person’s style is, chances are there is a designer who has created the perfect frame for him or her.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Take plenty of time at the eye doctor’s office to try on different styles of designer frames. Try on as many as possible to find a new look or enhance a current look. Take a risk and ask someone to pick a frame to try on. It might be a surprise as to how good they look and feel.

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