Eye Doctor of Beverly Hills

Eye Doctor of Beverly Hills



Eric : Alright, so we’re here with Garen Ogani. From L-Optique in Beverly Hills. Hi, Garen.

Garen : Hi, Eric.

Eric : So I was in your location there, it’s a wonderful location in the heart of Beverly Hills on Beverly drive. For those of you that are familiar with the area, it’s almost across the street from Earth cafe. And there’s a lot of restaurants and a lot of cool shops there. L-Optique is in the middle of all of that Beverly Hills action. So when I was in your office, you guys told me that I have a condition called presbyopia. What is it exactly?

Garen : So nothing to worry about it, Eric, every single person is gonna have that condition and their mid 40s, if not early 40s, some may drag to possibly late 40s. But it’s basically a condition that hardens the crystal lens. There is a lens in our eye that’s very similar to a contact lens. The way we have the focusing ability is by our muscles, curving that lens. Basically pulling the ones making it a little more curved. And that’s our focusing ability, and we lose it because as we age, that lens becomes harder. Therefore what you’ve done is lost your focusing ability, which is a condition called presbyopia. That’s why we have to give you some glasses for you to be able to focus again.

Eric : Alright, so I like that your practice that I’m gonna be okay, I’m gonna live.

Garen : You have healthy eyes.

Eric : Alright. so I have two glasses that you recommended to me one was what I’m wearing here. I’m on the computer a lot. And I feel like everything is even clearer. And then I have glasses to wear that if my eyes get tired, and I’m driving or nighttime or watching TV, sometimes I wear those glasses. So what made you suggest that I have the two glasses?

Garen : Well, you did mention that you use the computer quite a bit. And so there was different ways we can fit you. What I felt comfortable giving you as a single vision lens that will take care of the distance for your computer. And then because you have a distance prescription as well, not everybody has that with us yet we gave you glasses for distance. So if you had 20/20 vision, then you would just have your prohibitive glasses minus the distance glasses. But since you need glasses for the computer, you don’t only have a presbyopia, you also have a myopia which is classes for distance.

Therefore we gave you two different pairs of glasses. As a matter of fact, that is not a bad idea. As I mentioned to you a couple of days ago for us to also give you progressive lenses, those will be your outgoing glasses where it has the top and the bottom. However, when you’re using your computer, it’s best to use the simple vision since the entire lens is just one restriction, with the progressive lenses you’re gonna have to drop your eyes to width. Pull them up to see the distance. So it’s a little bit of a hassle playing around with that when you’re sitting in front of the computer. But yeah, reading why we would give you two different pairs of glasses and I’m glad that you’re comfortable with them.

Eric : But I’m very happy what you did, and it’s good that you have an independent optometrist on staff and you have some amazing designers, frames there, so if anybody is interested in an eye exam, please go check out their website. It’s L-Optique and L-optique.com is an eye doctor in Beverly Hills. And thank you again for taking the time.

Garen : Thank you for having me, Eric.


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